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Your operations should never depend on obsolete software

Increase your productivity and secure operations by modernizing your software

All too often, outdated software and applications created 10 or even 15 years ago are still in use today. They have been updated, repaired and modified countless times over their lifespan, and frequently the staff managing their upkeep has gone through multiple iterations as well.

The main objectives of software modernization are to secure your operations and increase your efficiency. A software redesign also presents the perfect opportunity to rethink certain processes, improve interfaces and implement new technologies. The most recent tech solutions offer more flexibility, stronger performance and greater ease of deployment across your company, thanks to cloud-based infrastructures. In turn, you can transform these advantages into greater growth for your business.

Whether you’re looking to assess your current application, reconsider your processes or design your future software, our experts are on hand to guide you through every step of modernizing your software.

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Reducing risk when migrating your data

One of the first steps of modernizing software is determining the level of risk and exploring potential consequences. This evaluation helps us set the right goals and find the right solutions.

When modernizing software, one of the more common risks is loss of data. To keep this risk to a minimum, we work with you to measure and assign a degree of importance to each type of data that might be affected. With this detailed assessment, we can more clearly and accurately identify which data should be migrated to the new platform. It’s a question of finding a balance between migration efforts and their potential impact.

Ensuring your software grows with your business

Taking steps to modernize your software can open the doors to a wide selection of new features and functionalities. We organize these ideas into a backlog that is prioritized according to your business objectives. Your backlog isn’t fixed; it evolves over time to adapt to your changing needs and reality, giving you greater agility and control over the evolution of your software.

To keep development fluid, we use continuous integration. This approach comes with a battery of automated testing, so we can easily detect regression—modules that have lost functionality after modifications or upgrades. This lets us address any issues before they become critical.

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