Our Culture

Our way of thinking about life at work

At eXolnet, we seek to develop a strong corporate culture based on 5 core values: happiness, curiosity, collaboration, excellence and simplicity.

Well-being at work

The pursuit of happiness in everyday life begins with an optimistic attitude. We cultivate the well being of our employees through flexible working hours, a friendly working environment, and above all, motivating projects that really interest and challenge the team.

The thirst for knowledge and the next tech trend

Our team is always eager to learn and encourage each other to push human and technological limits. We promote thoughtful exchange between team members and plenty of training by attending conferences and also encourage the use of our extensive shared library. We even set up a weekly “kata” session: during a limited amount of time, we try to solve a specific programming challenge… surpassing oneself and enjoying the rush of challenge guaranteed!

A team that can be counted on

We frequently plan activities so that we can get to know each other better and deepen our relationships based on respect and fraternity. If we succeed in enriching the happiness of others, it is because each and every one of us gets our “hands dirty” to do what is necessary to get the job done. A team that stands united regardless of the situation makes all the difference!

Attention to detail ensures that everything goes smoothly

We have built tailor-made management tools to better manage our own projects and thus reduce or even eliminate stress at the workplace. In addition, we encourage horizontal decision-making so that everyone can express himself or herself. This promotes proper reflection and allows us to make the best possible decisions in a timely manner.

The status quo is our worst enemy

Our team excels when it comes to innovating. We work diligently on a daily basis to rethink our process to continually improve our work and our deliverables. By daring to question ourselves, we constantly push back on the limits of our know-how to better establish best possible solutions for each and every client.

The values that guides us in all we do

eXolnet Advantages

Here’s how we deliver on our promise for work-life balance.

  • Flex-time
  • Interesting and challenging projects
  • A well-located office accessible by metro
  • Paid annual public transport pass
  • Competitive group insurance plan
  • A welcoming and respectful work environment
  • Access to events and conferences
  • Telework allowance

Would you like to be part of our team ?

We are constantly looking for new talent. Take a few moments to send us your speculative application.


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