Custom Software Development

We build unique solutions that address your exact business needs.

Redefine your limits by considering custom software development.

Here at eXolnet we value time and every minute saved on tedious tasks helps you focus on what really drives your business forward. Each and every day we’re pushing the limits of technology to find new ways to optimize your processes and increase efficiency. Custom software will allow you to achieve full potential.

Tired of searching for out-of-the-box software solutions that simply just don’t fit your needs?

Make the right choice and start your path towards custom software development. Our talented and experienced team will be able to map out your exact needs and build the architecture for your new custom software platform. We build personalized tools, such as web platforms, dashboards, portals, productivity tools, and so much more.

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Custom Management Tools

Dashboard, CRM, ERP, productivity tools and more.


Data consolidation, visualization and sharing


Client and enterprise portals, extranet, intranet and more


Redesign, maintenance, data migration and more

Technology We Use

How we do it The eXolnet way

  • Custom built solutions to achieve your business goals
  • Highly experienced and technical project managers
  • Montreal-based production, 100% in-house; no use of freelancers
  • Decision-making based around innovation and automation
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