DuProprio - Jarvis A real estate analysis and data collection tool

Jarvis interface

A custom tool
that regroups
hundreds of thousands
of properties

The Project

DuProprio was seeking to create a management application that would help improve the real estate evaluation process throughout a market placement. This technological solution needed to centralize all relevant evaluation data, increase the pool of comparable properties, simplify the relegation of tasks for team members and reduce the risk of user error during interactions. In order to ensure long term control of its evolution, the DuProprio application was custom-built at every level.

Our Solution

Baptized Jarvis, the cloud application we created was a web platform that could centralize multiple real estate information sources into one single database. This innovative technological solution allows appraisers to provide clients with an exhaustive evaluation of their property market value, all while delivering significant gains in timesaving efficiency.

Hundreds of thousands of centralized data points

DuProprio uses three different systems to collect the data required for property evaluations: the internal DuProprio database, an external property database that regroups files for hundreds of thousands of properties for sale across Québec, and manual entries from appraisers. The new management application ensures all information is unified and all data is centralized, so appraisers now have much better access to property features, municipal evaluations and comparable property sale prices.

Simplifying the work of appraisers

Task management

One of the leading benefits of the new application is that it streamlines the work of appraisers. The platform provides a dashboard that makes it easy to consult the various stages of an appraisal according to status: priority appraisals, those pending approval by a second appraiser and completed appraisals that have been archived for future consultation.

Advanced system searches

Another major advantage of the new application is its in-depth search capacity. Designed to further improve the appraisal process, this tool provides appraisers with comprehensive searching so they can quickly and easily locate any property or properties they need to find or use in a comparison analysis. The search tool functions through both an interactive map and a series of feature filters.

Improved user interface

Any customized application creation should target simple, user-friendly navigation features and interactions. That’s why we placed such high importance on designing an intuitive, visually compelling interface. This novel tool now displays properties by geographical mapping or by list, presenting the detailed files of all properties for sale and giving access to multiple photos. It also permits the appraiser to determine whether any given property information has already been used in a comparison survey for a previous evaluation.

Property comparison

In addition to centralizing all data in one location and simplifying day-to-day management for the DuProprio team, our technology solution offers a powerful system of comparison that lets users compare properties for sale with similar properties that have previously sold. By regrouping similar criteria and taking overall indexing rates for the region into consideration, the application helps appraisers better guide clients towards an optimal price point for their property.
If adjustments are needed, the comparison tool lets users manually refine the comparison points (property square footage, number of rooms, materials used, etc.) for an even more accurate sale price suggestion. At the end of the process, clients receive a PDF document presenting the results of any relevant searches.

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