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Software applications and systems bridging is an issue that crops up often for businesses. Using multiple platforms can result in data being scattered or even duplicated, making it difficult to achieve a global business vision with a clear, focused strategy. Software bridging provides greater access to your data, optimizing your operations and fuelling better business decisions.

When it comes to proper data flow between applications and systems, there are several approaches. For instance, you can bridge your applications and systems through a data exchange protocol such as an API or web service. There are many to choose from, so our team is here to help you find the approach that best suits your specific data ecosystem.

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How do I know if I can bridge my applications and systems?

Our team of experts will assess your current technological reality and give you the facts. The first step is understanding your goals and establishing the data that needs to be transferred between systems and applications. Next, our team looks at the technical documentation of your existing software or reaches out to the right support service to determine the feasibility of the project, as well as identify any risks.

In cases where bridging isn’t possible, our team can design a custom solution that works around the limitiations of the current systems. Often we can find a general way to import or convert data that allows for the bridging of two systems that appear otherwise incompatible.

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