Retail RFID Inventory movement management RFID system

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The Project

Inventory management can be a real headache for retail businesses. This aspect of their operations can often be quite costly, cumbersome, and prone to errors. To that end, this project aims to expediate inventory management operations by using cutting-edge technologies.

Our Solution

We’ve developed an online platform that centralizes inventory management. An RFID reader enables them to scan an entire display stand in a matter of seconds, retrieving the quantity and type of each item. Similarly, inventory movements from warehouses to branch locations can be managed effortlessly.

The Goal: Offer a Smart Inventory Management Solution

Taking inventory is a necessary task for anyone running a retail business; it is imperative to the proper functioning of a company. However, this task can sometimes take several hours, or even several days. As a result, many companies wait until the end of their fiscal year to take stock.

Our solution enables the user to check warehouse inventory on a daily basis. Using a handheld scanner, an employee can quickly scan the entire inventory of a warehouse. This solution therefore saves a considerable amount of time and minimizes human errors.

With the inventory updated regularly, a company is able to evaluate its financial situation much faster, to manage its supply and to better ascertain customers' needs.

Identifying Products using Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency identification makes it possible to identify products and track them from the production line all the way to the point of sale. A UHF (Ultra High Frequency) label is a tiny chip, as thin as a sheet of paper, fitted with an antenna containing a wide range of digital information.

The Benefits of a Chip:

  • The labels could be scanned remotely (up to several meters)
  • Many labels could be scanned simultaneously
  • The labels could be given unique identifiation codes, so that the products may be tracked individually
  • The cost of the labels is minimal

Manage your inventory movements flawlessly.

The greatest concern is for reports on inventory movements to be as accurate as possible. Manual management of inventory implies a high risk of human error. The RFID method revolutionizes the logistics process for inventory managers. The concept of errors may very well be a thing of the past.

Printing UHF labels

Applying labels

Scan & Pack

Verification of orders

Moving inventory

Verifying the contents of a shipment

Updating warehouse inventory

In short

  • Verifying the warehouse inventory in a few minutes.
  • Minimizing human errors by using cutting-edge technologies.
  • Proactive inventory management.
  • Centralized inventory management.

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