CHU Sainte‑Justine Foundation An online fundraising platform

Donation platform

A system
to care for
millions of dollars
in donations

The Project

The CHU Sainte‑Justine Foundation was ready to redesign their online donation system to obtain a more modern, adaptable tool better suited to their needs. The application needed to reduce overall operational and transactional costs, provide the team with greater flexibility when creating charitable campaigns, facilitate donation management and offer a better user experience to donors.

Our Solution

Working closely with the CHU Sainte‑Justine Foundation, we built a 100% customized web application that connects seamlessly with the management systems already in place, centralizing all activity in one location. The Foundation is now fully equipped to manage donations, payments and donor communications with ease, as well as autonomously align all donation forms and marketing campaigns.

A personalized platform
that performs

During the digital charitable campaigns run by the Foundation,
there are three types of donation option offered to donors.

One-time donation

lets donors give a single fixed amount to the Foundation.

Monthly donation

lets donors set a recurring amount to give each month.

Donation in honour

donations are made in honour or memory of a loved one.

Developing and customizing campaigns

One of the most significant benefits of this new application is the increased latitude it offers the Foundation. Not only does the tool allow for the creation of donation drives with a thematic concept and personalized brand image, but also for the creation of designated microsites with a dedicated URL. This means donation forms can be aligned with every aspect of the Foundation’s marketing initiatives.

Seamless connection with different operating systems

This technology solution is built to connect with the Foundation’s various management systems, helping achieve full access to data and optimizing existing operations. The application connects with the email system to manage and send automized communications to donors, including thank-you messages, personalized cards and donation receipts. It also connects to the payment gateway and provides enhanced protection against fraud. Finally, the application connects to the Foundation’s internal financial software and enables complete management of the donor database.

A solid cloud infrastructure

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture using a series of AWS Microservices, this application is powerful enough to support hundreds of thousands of visits each month, ensuring the Foundation can depend on their infrastructure even during periods of high traffic. If issues arise, a monitoring system allows us to swiftly identify and proactively resolve problems, keeping the Foundation’s operational disruptions to an absolute minimum.

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