Broker Portal A Real Estate Project Sales Management Tool
In collaboration with Onyx Technologies.

Real estate sales management software

A comprehensive real estate sales management platform for 15 000+ real estate agents

The Project

This project was developed for a Canadian company specializing in the sale and marketing of large-scale real estate projects. To modernize its system, facilitate sales processes, and centralize operations, this company enlisted the help of Exolnet and Onyx Technologies for a new solution. The tool was designed to create a custom web application allowing advisors to streamline internal management, provide quality user experiences, and manage client relationships.

Our Solution

We designed an application with a simple and functional web interface allowing real estate advisors to focus on developing commercial projects. With this new application, brokers can now download available promotional material for condos, select the most attractive units for clients, and receive necessary recommendations. Additionally, the application allows users to connect to a unique platform where their actions are centralized in a unified sales management interface.

Centralizing operations and connecting with Salesforce

Before creating their custom platform, this company was already using the Salesforce CRM to manage unit sales. One of the issues raised was poor information management and data duplication. The main challenge of the project was to centralize the data obtained in one place while integrating the new platform with Salesforce. With the help of Onyx Technologies, we managed to create a tool that allows real-time information management and ensures smooth integration with Salesforce, thus optimizing commercial management, user interactions, reference prices, unit sales, etc.

How does it work?

Simplified Registration and Consultation System

This platform aims to facilitate the sale of real estate projects. Data can flow through the platform in real time, providing updates on unit availability. This solution allows users to visualize unit availability based on several criteria and directly contact agents.

Real Estate Project Directory and Unit Reservations

Each project is centralized on an interface where brokers can access all important information, such as brochures, plans, and presentation videos. Users can also reserve units directly through the platform.

Efficient appointment bookings

According to criteria previously selected by the broker, the tool offers a virtual appointment table that allows clients to schedule a visit. This feature enables brokers to efficiently manage visits and filter requests to simplify the sales process.

15 000+ active real estate agents

70 real estate sales projects
/ year

8000+ visits booked
/ year

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