Photo Laplante E-commerce and inventory management

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An e-commerce platform to boost sales and simplify management Transforming a storefront into a “webfront”

The Project

Photo Laplante’s storefront business was established in Laval over 50 years ago. It specializes in photography and serves professionals and amateurs alike. In today’s cyberage, Photo Laplante had to find a way to increase its presence and raise its competitiveness through its website.

Our Solution

By analyzing Photo Laplante’s business operations, we created a link between its inventory and accounting system and its website. As a result, the Photo Laplante team can keep track of its inventory and prices between the two systems without human intervention.

A bilingual platform, 100% custom made!

An online experience tailored to consumer needs

By improving the foundation of the previous website, we assessed the user experience to simplify the purchasing process. In short, we wanted the site to be a seamless storefront and made the following changes:

  • Review of overall ergonomics.
  • Added focus on products.
  • Simplified checkout form to reduce dropped purchases.
  • Prompts to consult other products by displaying product browsing history, similar products, and ancillary products.
  • Creation of a product configurator and comparer so that clients can easily find what they’re looking for.

A website synchronized with reality

One of our mandate's objectives was to simplify the management process for the Photo Laplante team. To that end, we designed a synchronization system between their website and the software that was managing their inventory. The system ensures that the website's inventory is seamlessly updated after an in-store purchase has been made and vice versa.

Staying ahead of the competition

Comparing competitor prices

One of Photo Laplante's biggest challenges is to stay competitive with big-box retailers. With this mind, we developed a price comparer that shows real-time prices of any product offered by its competitors—very useful for planning upcoming promotions!

Automating promotion management

It's crucial for Photo Laplante to be able to respond quickly to any price changes made by its competitors. We developed a stand-alone promotion management system that defines ahead of time various types of discounts that will automatically be applied at the appropriate time and to the appropriate products.

Automated discount

Gauging performance and reporting results

Nothing is left to chance after a promotion. The Photo Laplante team has access to sales reports to evaluate the effectiveness of each promotion. The team can then pass on the reports to its suppliers should a reimbursement be in order.

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A few figures

products online
3,000 +
visits per month
online orders

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