McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Personalized web application developed in collaboration with Bite Size Entertainment and Cossette

Application interface

An interactive
contest across
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The Project

To enhance the consumer experience for in-store diners, McDonald’s Canada decided to implement stations in restaurants that let customers create their own customized hamburgers. To promote the launch and invite customers to try out the new additions, an entertaining and interactive contest was developed with comedian Jérémy Demay. What was the best way to bring this idea to life? Exolnet was there with the tech solution.

Our Solution

We built a web platform that let users create their own personalized burgers, including custom ingredients and extras. Customers could then name their unique creations and share them on social media. Comedian Jérémy Demay selected the best hamburgers and invited the winners to come taste their own creations with him in restaurant, plus awarded each winner with a McDonald’s gift card.

How does it work ?

Creating the hamburger

The web platform offers each hamburger enthusiast a chance to create their own personalized sandwich in 5 easy steps, each one designed to maximize interactivity and fun. As each ingredient is chosen, the burger is animated to bring the creative process to life for the customer. We also offered a completely adapted version for mobile users.

Naming the burger and entering the contest

Beyond providing an advance taste of the restaurant experience, the platform allowed participants to enter a rewarding contest. Users were encouraged to give fun, original names to their personalized burgers to help attract the attention of comedian Jérémy Demay. Then participants used the platform to select the McDonald’s restaurant closest to them and submit their burger creation. They could enter the contest with an email address or via their Facebook account. An efficient administration system let the McDonald’s marketing team easily manage the contest entries.

Sharing the burger creation via social media

To create multiplatform impact, participants could increase their chances of winning by sharing their burger creation on Facebook. Thanks to a rules and regulations management system, it was possible to award more points to participants who shared. The social platform also gave users the opportunity to browse the culinary creations submitted by other participants to explore the range of imagination of each one.

The initiative was a great success! Winners got to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime hamburger with Jérémy Demay, plus receive a delicious prize from McDonald’s.

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