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An ERP Specifically Designed for Service Companies

The Project

The project aims to develop a comprehensive business management software to optimize productivity and decision-making. Intended for service companies, the software centralizes time, project, and financial management, enabling better resource utilization and improved profitability.

Our Solution

The implemented solution includes features for time tracking, multi-currency quoting and invoicing, as well as a system for managing expenses and financial reports. Perfect for service companies, it seamlessly integrates with existing tools and offers an intuitive interface for ease of use. This solution ensures efficient and secure management of projects and finances, meeting the specific needs of service companies.

A Tool to Simplify Time Entry for Employees

This tool simplifies and automates time entry, offering precise management and an intuitive interface for daily use.

Real-Time Collaboration Tagging System

This time tracking tool includes a tagging system to notify colleagues present in a meeting. When an employee tags their colleagues, an alert is sent, allowing them to accept or reject the suggested time entry, ensuring precise meeting management.

Intuitive Visual Interface

The interface uses intuitive colors to facilitate time entry by drag-and-drop in 15-minute intervals. Each project has a specific color, allowing users to visually verify their 8 hours of daily work, ensuring effective time management.

Integration with Various Tools

The time suggestion system integrates with Gmail, project management, and Github. It tracks emails, project actions, and commits to suggest relevant time entries. For example, if an employee works on a feature from 4 PM to 6 PM on Github, the system automatically suggests this period.

Features to Enhance Business Decisions and Productivity

Project Performance Tracking

Charts to monitor project hours, costs, and schedules, providing a clear and precise overview for effective management.

Project Health and Projections

KPIs to validate project health and make projections, ensuring adequate profit margins and project viability.

Lead Management

Lead management system with qualification, needs, and discussion history, facilitating complete tracking and effective conversion.

Capacity Management

Tool for managing the monthly capacity of each team member to identify risks and bottlenecks, optimizing team productivity.

Secure Access Sharing

Secure and encrypted project access management, allowing visibility of access permissions and avoiding the insecure exchange of passwords.

Integrated Financial Management for Optimal Business Efficiency

Custom Quoting and Management

The quoting system allows the addition of products and services, with export to Word format for specific client modifications and adaptations. It also includes tracking reasons for quote acceptance and rejection, crucial for service companies.

Multi-Currency Invoicing and Automated Reminders

The software handles product and service invoicing in multiple currencies and tax types. It allows tracking of overdue invoices and sends automated reminders to clients, facilitating payment management and reducing delays.

Comprehensive Expense Management and Financial Reports

An integrated system for managing expenses, payroll, and travel. It also offers comprehensive financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, and client profitability reports, aiding in optimal financial management and informed decision-making.

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